Saturday, 11 January 2014

Final 2013 podcast! Reviews+bits and pieces.

TheComicSpot – Final 2013 podcast

Well happy New Year and I hope you’ve been free of technical difficulties over the holiday period. Because now that I am I can present the final podcast of 2013!

In this episode Gary and I talk about a few comics we’ve read and about some interesting things coming up in 2014.

Life Zone by Simon Hanselmann from Space Face Books. The continuing adventures of Megg, Mogg, Owl, Werewolf Jones and the gang are featured in this strong work from the breakout Australian cartoonist of 2013.

NY (New York) by Mandy Ord from Finlay Lloyd as well as stable mate Natalia Zajaz’s Nothing Ventured. NY is another strong autobio story from Ord where the one eyed girl with the big heart confronts the anxieties of presenting her work and hitting the streets of the big apple. Zajaz’s slices of Life aren’t as assured in the art department but nonetheless have a strong voice and keen observations.

We also have a quick run around a couple of minicomics of the month club comics, Happy Together Forever by Katie Parrish and Wake Up by Sarah Catherine Firth.

We chat about a few odds and ends that come into our minds and thanks all the publishers of Australian comics for putting their nose to the grindstone over the last 12 months and providing us readers with a great year to look back on.

Don’t forget to add any Australian comics released in 2013 to the Ledger Awards longlist.



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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TheComicSpot - 201310 – Penultimate

For the penultimate podcast of 2013 Gary and I sat down to chat about an Australian comics award revival, some new comics, a bit of news and stuff whilst powered by a growler of Willie Smith’s Organic Cider purchased from The Apple Shed in the Huon Valley. mmmmm...cider.

We began with the news that Ledger Awards are back and you can submit a comic to the long list for consideration.

Then we were on to the reviews.

First up was a new comic by local artist Tricky Walsh - Hoppers 1; The Manias is the second comic in the Down There comic line from Sankessto Publications which lays down a world 350 years into the future where our protagonist is pulled into the world of stateless train people.

Then we went on a trip to Deep Park by David C Mahler published by Pikitia Press with just a quick diversion to Coracle 2 from Mahler before we had to move along. Mahler creates a cast of characters whose interweaving stories illuminate the world of an amusement park that births a cult and it's own destruction in one day.

We eventually ended up in the vast pages of the Wagnerian opera The Flying Dutchman as adapted by Kiwi Mat Tait with support from the Goethe Institut. The lushly inked art and very large format gives this adaptation of a classic opera the scope it deserves.


We brought it home with some news and stuff including the fantastic tumblr list of Australian women cartoonists, a recommendation to pick up the important A Life in Comics by Phillip Bentley and a shout out to the Velocity sampler.

There were plenty of clinks on the way and before we knew it we’d been ‘penultimated’.

See you for the last podcast of 2013 soon.
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

TheComicSpot podcast Nov 2013 – Reading Digital

This month Gary and I sat down with some nice warming Three Capes Whiskey and talked tales of reading digital comics.

listen in...

We kick off with the boisterous stylings of the HBVB Anthology #0 – by many and various. Though i had some issues with the distribution of the zero issues the mix of creators is impressive and the work promised intriguing.

Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land #1, #2 - Dean Rankine. An uproariously funny jaunt by one of Australia’s Finest cartoonists whose gross out adult humour really hits it’s stride in this work.

Then onto Freestyle #1 – Mark Pursell, a local Hobartian comicker releasing his comic through the comixology submit process for self publishers. Freestyle collects some earlier print work that shows an artist improving with the journey.

Toormina Video – Pat Grant. Pat delivers a touching tribute to his father and to childhood memories in the form of a keenly observed remembrance of the quiet moments of childhood that linger and gain meaning over the years. He also performed the piece for the Graphic festivals collaboration with the Radio With Pictures project.

We also talk about a few Kickstarter projects looking for funding with one that has far exceeded it’s goal.


enjoy and share


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Monday, 28 October 2013

TheComicSpot – More October 2013 reviews podcast.

Gary and I sat down for a second time still drinking Angry Man Pale Ale to discuss and review more recently released and available Australian comics. A diverse range of comics are covered and I get into a mini rant about the cost of comics revealing my tightarse credentials to the world!
In this episode (hit the play button and play along) we speak about…

NEOMAD  #1+2 by Sutu and the LOVE PUNKS - Gestalt Comics.

Moa #2-3 by Shane Davidson – Pikitia Press.

From Above #1 – Self Published by Craig Bruyn

Elf-Fin: Hyfus and Tilaweed #1 by Julie Ditrich and Josef Szekeres - Black Mermaid Publications.

Mentioned in passing: the Brush With Darkness and Da an’ Dill collections by Dillan Naylor from Milk Shadow Books, a second volume of Ubby’s Underdogs by Brenton McKenna from Magabala books and the Emerging Writers Festival Hobart Roadshow events happening in Hobart at the Museum of Old and New Art (MoNA).

Enjoy and Share.



Friday, 18 October 2013

TheComicSpot for October 2013. Reviews galore #1

We're back with more reviews whilst drinking beer! 

For this podcast the unofficial sponsor was Angry Man Pale Ale from Murray's in SA. A good drop that provided clinks of approval for the comics reviewed.

In this podcast Gary and John have a gander, gossip, gush and guffaw over...

Grubby Little Smudges of Filth by Daniel Reed - SLG. A world of detailed art and character that pits the soul of the artist against the corruption and greed of those who want to consume his talents.

Yeah Nah Issue 1 by Dick Carroll - self published. 24 pages of diary comics and humorous snapshots of the single life in Sydney drawn with confidence and flowing line.

Once by Tim Danko - DeadXeroxPress. Originally in French and in B+W but now in English and in glorious colour Once is a luscious and poetic sensorial art comic with interweaving narratives. Journey with the characters in and out the minds of others.

Love Stories by Mat Tait - Pikitia Press. A one man antholgy featuring kiwi tales of creation, creepiness and humour. Mat Tait's inky black line bounce off the page with confidence. 

Minicomic of the Month comics by Neil Sanders and Mel Stringer - Smaller Comics. The first two minicomics of the month feature a creepy jaunt on skin sharing creatures and a travel & sketch diary of times in Japan.

You can also check out The Vagabond at IndieGoGO to see if you want to support the project.

Lots of good comic talk for this first October edition of the podcast. There will be a second October 2013 podcast in a week or two.

Enjoy and SHARE.


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Friday, 20 September 2013

New Podcast - Reviews n views n updates on stuff.

Well well, here we are again with another episode of the podcast. You probably thought i was going to continue my haphazard updating schedule didn't you? Well you're right, but though still haphazard for a while, at least it will be more often that it has been this year.

Gary and i sat down with a couple of local beers and talked comics.

In this episode we talk about:

Issues 1-3 of Paul Mason's 'The Soldier Legacy' - a two fisted tale of an Australian WW2 soldier in Papua New Guinea and his grandson in Brisbane who both don masks to deliver justice as they see fit.
Issue 2 of 'Clubhouse Comics' from Monster Comics. - a children's comic anthology featuring a dozen or so Australian creators flexing their wares to give kids a great read.
Frank Candiloro's 'Beyond the Moon' - an ode to silent films and early cinema sees Frank flexing his colour palette.
Kiwi Toby Morris' book from Beatnik press 'Don't Puke On You Dad' - shows the day to day grind and greatness of being a first time father from one of New Zealand smoothest comics talents.

We also touch on a couple of crowdfunding comics efforts - Balaclava Junction and Yeah Nah. We get a Gary Chaloner update on all the works flying from the drawing board - including Unmasked 3 - and we give props to Simon Hanselmann and to Sarah Howell for their recent comicy good news.

So all in all quite a little package.

You should hear from us again in a few weeks.


Enjoy the latest podcast and it'd be great if you could share it round.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Review Episode of TheComicSpot ready for your ears.

Hi All,

We have a new review podcast available for you listening pleasure.

In this episode John and Gary talk about the anthology Blood and Thunder Vol 2, Mr Unpronounceable Adventures from Tim Molloy and Strange Behaviour from Marijka Gooding.

Also a brief update on why there was a gap between podcasts!

Back in the saddle and ready for more. Thanks for supporting TheComicSpot.

Monday, 1 July 2013

June edition of TheComicSpot now in the archves.

Gary chats to Aussie superhero creator and publisher Tad Pietrzykowski. How do you go about making superhero comics in Australia and whereto from here? We also look at some Aussie comic projects looking for funding in the crowdfunding arena. What projects are close to funded and on the horizon for purchase?


Monday, 13 May 2013

Listen to the May edition of TheComicSpot podcast.

Here it is.

See the previous blogpost for details of all the comics reviewed.



May 2013 podcast online – all review show.

Greetings fellow travellers. 

Time once again to deliver another edition of TheComicSpot podcast. It will be up shortly but I promised I would link to all the books we talk about this month. So here’s that thing!

Gary and I decided it was time to dig into a whole range of comics we’ve been meaning to discuss on air. So over the course of the hour we covered quite a few comics. I also asked Gary to give us a quick overview and outline his other side project, the review site

It was good to dig into a range of comics. Here’s what we talked about.

(You should be able to buy them or to find out where to buy them at the links.)

Victoria Drug Scene – various creators – Simon Hanselmann Ed. – SOLD OUT -

Dailies 3 – Various creators – Michael  Fikaris and Tim Danko Eds. -

Arrete, cest ic l'empire de la Mort – Simon Hanselmann – SOLD OUT?

Mr Ray’s Grave Thoughts – Marc Pearson -

Zoonvierse reprints – Fil Barlow

Confessions of a Rookie Filmmaker – Q-Ray -

The Trials of Francis Bear – Gregory MacKay -

It Shines and Shakes and Laughs – Tim Molloy -

Ejecta and Plump Oyster – Ben Sea - 

 You can listen to the episode here at

We also plugged the fundraising campaigns of the proposed graphic novel ‘Circus’(  and the comics related ‘Newton Comics’ ( book. Check them out and support if you feel that way inclined.

It was good news to see the ‘Blood and Thunder 2’ ( anthology and Sam Wallman’s ‘Pen Erases Paper ‘( collection raise the funds they needed too. Well done. I’m looking forward to getting both of them in the post.

And if you happen to be in Hobart on Thursday 23rd May then come along to the graphic novel book-group discussion of David B’s Epileptic. A favourite French graphic novel I’m enjoying rereading for the book-group discussion. (

There’s plenty more interesting Australian comics to talk about out there that have hit the shelves and online stores in the last year or so that Gary and I have yet to talk about. So we are going to be making a bit more of a concerted effort to get around to talking about them in the upcoming months. But I do love my longer interviews as well. They next few months will be a good mix of both.