Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TheComicSpot - 201310 – Penultimate

For the penultimate podcast of 2013 Gary and I sat down to chat about an Australian comics award revival, some new comics, a bit of news and stuff whilst powered by a growler of Willie Smith’s Organic Cider purchased from The Apple Shed in the Huon Valley. mmmmm...cider.

We began with the news that Ledger Awards are back and you can submit a comic to the long list for consideration.

Then we were on to the reviews.

First up was a new comic by local artist Tricky Walsh - Hoppers 1; The Manias is the second comic in the Down There comic line from Sankessto Publications which lays down a world 350 years into the future where our protagonist is pulled into the world of stateless train people.

Then we went on a trip to Deep Park by David C Mahler published by Pikitia Press with just a quick diversion to Coracle 2 from Mahler before we had to move along. Mahler creates a cast of characters whose interweaving stories illuminate the world of an amusement park that births a cult and it's own destruction in one day.

We eventually ended up in the vast pages of the Wagnerian opera The Flying Dutchman as adapted by Kiwi Mat Tait with support from the Goethe Institut. The lushly inked art and very large format gives this adaptation of a classic opera the scope it deserves.


We brought it home with some news and stuff including the fantastic tumblr list of Australian women cartoonists, a recommendation to pick up the important A Life in Comics by Phillip Bentley and a shout out to the Velocity sampler.

There were plenty of clinks on the way and before we knew it we’d been ‘penultimated’.

See you for the last podcast of 2013 soon.
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