Saturday, 11 January 2014

Final 2013 podcast! Reviews+bits and pieces.

TheComicSpot – Final 2013 podcast

Well happy New Year and I hope you’ve been free of technical difficulties over the holiday period. Because now that I am I can present the final podcast of 2013!

In this episode Gary and I talk about a few comics we’ve read and about some interesting things coming up in 2014.

Life Zone by Simon Hanselmann from Space Face Books. The continuing adventures of Megg, Mogg, Owl, Werewolf Jones and the gang are featured in this strong work from the breakout Australian cartoonist of 2013.

NY (New York) by Mandy Ord from Finlay Lloyd as well as stable mate Natalia Zajaz’s Nothing Ventured. NY is another strong autobio story from Ord where the one eyed girl with the big heart confronts the anxieties of presenting her work and hitting the streets of the big apple. Zajaz’s slices of Life aren’t as assured in the art department but nonetheless have a strong voice and keen observations.

We also have a quick run around a couple of minicomics of the month club comics, Happy Together Forever by Katie Parrish and Wake Up by Sarah Catherine Firth.

We chat about a few odds and ends that come into our minds and thanks all the publishers of Australian comics for putting their nose to the grindstone over the last 12 months and providing us readers with a great year to look back on.

Don’t forget to add any Australian comics released in 2013 to the Ledger Awards longlist.



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